About CEO

About CEO

Bishwa Pandey

Founder and CEO

Bishwa has over 21 years of experience of working closely with clients and stakeholders in implementing GIS, spatial data management, and related IT technologies, in order to improve established business process.

Experience and Expertise

Prior to establishing NepCol International, Bishwa worked for four years as Senior Disaster Risk and GeoSpatial Data Management Specialist in The World Bank. He still advises international development agencies like the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and a few private companies in their effort to improve use of data into decision making process.

He has brought his experience and technical knowledge to the benefit of client countries in managing spatial data and guiding countries in implementing National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) to be able to use it in information based decision making process. Bishwa's interest also lies in disaster-risk management and quantitative-risk analysis to bring his previous experience in developing probabilistic risk modeling product, such as big data analysis. Bishwa led the team effort to develop exposure and hazard database which were later used in creating a risk modeling platform for fifteen pacific countries. He has also contributed to the advancement of geo-spatial analysis and processes over the years working in diverse and multitude of projects (over 150 projects in the countries around the world).

His current interest is making data available in meaningful way to the policy makers to address the challenge of global climate change and building resilience.